Which audio monitors are you guys using with Cubase??

Aloha guys
I know this topic was brought up in the old forum but I wanted to see
if the trends have changed in the past few years.

I’m using Genelec 1032s.

I was using Mackie 824s for years but I always found the bottom end to be a lil ‘funky’ (misleading)


KRK RP6. :sunglasses:

ATC SCM150 and ATC SCM10 (5.1)


Listened hours in a musicshop to came to the conclusion to buy “cheap” Tannoy Reveal 6 passive speakers.

Remember, you rarely mix your sound for the high-end listeners. Mostly the finally mp3-users are satisfied with an iPod-128kbs quality sound.
(of course not the professionals… :laughing: )


Good point.

I find it sad that we can listen to 24/32 bit music in our studios but our listeners
have to hear that same work at 16 bit or mp3 quality.

And I thought we were living in the future. (forward into the past —Firesign Theater)


I use Alesis M1 monitors which are not exactly high-end, but the same is true for the rest of my gear so that’s not likely to change soon. I enjoy listening to them so I suspect they’re last in the queue for an upgrade.

Focal Solo6be

And love them…

I have Tannoy Reveal passives, and KEF Cresta Ones. I can switch in one, the other, or both. Not high end by any shout, but more than good enough for my needs. :sunglasses:

Tannoy Reveal 8D actives
after some trouble with both audio card and monitors they are now spinning again.
all I need for … a long time! :sunglasses:

I need some serious stuffing in the room, though.

A pair of trusty old Tannoy Mercury M20 hifi speakers.

Powered by a Yamaha DSP-A1000

Well we go with what we can afford, until we can afford better :wink: … I have M-Audio bx8a deluxe monitors, they work for me. Electronic Musician Magazine | MusicRadar :nerd:

Event TR8XL.

They are not the weakest link in the chain … that part is between the left and right auricles. :mrgreen:

My problelms are mostly between the chair and the keyboard!

I use GENELEC 8040A’s

I’m using DynAudio Bm5a’s with a KRok sub.

Soffit mounted Genelec 1037Bs.

but got into mixing on an old £5 boombox

Genelec 1029A with Genelec 7050 Sub

m-audio bx8’s

Event PS8.

I use a pair of Ascend Acoustic CBM-170 monitors and consider them to be un-discovered gems. They strike a great balance between being very accurate but not at all harsh. I can work with them for many hours straight without wearing out my ears and mixes that sound good on them transfer to other systems very very well.

Passive monitors, as with all small nearfields they drop off at about 100 hz but they dont try and fake it below that. From 100 hz up they have one of the smoothest response curves you’ll come across. I combine these with a 10" Yamaha sub and this works very well. The Yamaha sub is clean enough to get me pretty close on the low end, then I cross check against a main monitor system with an HSU VTF-2 sub.

The CBM 170’s are solidly built and very reasonably priced ($348 a pair). Studios and musicians dont hear of them because they market to the home theater crowd and sell via internet only. Prior to that I used several different models of Tannoy’s which I liked (again, because mixes transfered really well to other systems).