Which Bit version should I install?

So im getting a new Mac to record with. It will come with

  • os x lion, i5 , 4gb ram, and 1tb hd.

my question is do i need to install 32bit or 64 bit of my cubase 6 elements? some programs ill be using are podfarm 2.5 and xln audio addictive drums. with a presonus interface . All this bit version stuff is really confused the hell out of me.

thanks in advance for some help.

With 4 GB of RAM, if you don’t have any 64 bit plugs, I would recommend 32 bit version.

awesome thanks so much for this reply. how do i know what bit my plugins are/ will it just say it on a box or in a description?

also i plan on upgrading the ram soon after i get the mac… so it will be like 8 gigs of ram at least. in this case should i still install the 32-bit or should i go ahead and install 64 bit?

Which plug-ins are you using? Newer ones come with native 32 and 64 bit. With 8 GB of RAM would lean slightly towards the 64 bit version of Cubase but it still sort of depends on the plug-ins you are using.

Well first and for most podfarm and addictive drums.

Ill be coming across some freeware im sure and stillwell stuff too. crunch dude distorter… alot of the stuff im going to use straight from cubase.

where upon installing do i have the option to install the 64-bit version? it didn’t give me an option on osx lion like it did on widows 7.