Which C7 version accepts video import?

OK So I got C6 Elements and there is an option called “import video”, but nothing happens.
Guess it’s a limitation with the small version.

What version of C7 would I need to be able to work with video (not edit video, just add sound to it)?

No, it´s a limitation of probably something missing on your not mentioned system. Apart from the manual, there is also a knowledgebase article about video and Cubase.

I actually got it working by using another video format! :slight_smile:

I do wonder if any C7 version supports video export?

Copy QTCF.dll from Program Files (x86)/QuickTime/QTSystem to Windows/system.


So I can work with video and when done not do anything with the project? :astonished:

Sure, you can export the audio from it, and you can replace the original video´s audio with the one you scored in Cubase.
And of course it´s a matter of definition, but no, you can not really “work” with video in Cubase.

Understood, thank you.
Nuendo better?

Last Nuendo version I used was N2 and IIRC apart from the better post pro audio features, “working” with video is the same there. But there are Nuendo users around here who might chime in and prove me wrong…