Which cable to power UR44C from iPad or MacBook?!

If I have this even right, I’m trying to find a Thunderbolt2 to USB 3.0 (or 3.1?) cable so as we can power this new interface? I think many of us may be having the same issue try to figure this cable thing.
In my case I have a 2015 MacBook and it can send power over Thunderbolt2. But search Amazon and eBay didn’t help so perhaps I’ve got the specs mixed up;(
I also have a Lightning equipped iPad 7 and an iPhone 6s.

USB-A to USB-C would be the choice…
The 2015 MacBook should have USB A…

Thanks and I do have that currently. I’m just hoping to simplify to one cable have it powering the interface - as advertised, I thought!
TB2 can send ample power I’ve been told!

Awesome summer happening over here!

Any other answers to this powering-cable problem!!

Any insight on a simple solution to record direct into an iOS device?

The USB-A to C should do it included power… as long as the port on the MacBook is an USB3.0 or higher version… just try it.
The safe version would be an USB-C connector on the MacBook.