Which cable works for ARX4T & ASUS Thunderbolt card interface?

I have Thunderbolt interface Card with Windows11 PC & AXR4T.
You know that AXR4T have two mini DP ports.
My Thunderbolt interface card has 2 port for C-Type and 2 port for mini DP type.
I’d like to know that which cable works for AXR4T & Thunderbolt card.

  1. mini DP-Type to C-Type
  2. mini DP-Type to mini DP-Type

In PC and Windows System whitch cable should I choose?

Make sure you are using real thunderbolt cables. USB cables will not work with Thunderbolt.

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Thank you for your mention about it.
I guess my expression wasn’t quite properly.
Of course I mean Thunderbolt cable. I just want to know which one to connect to the AXR4T. Because I have Windows PC in which Thunderbolt card has 2 different ports. one is mini DP and the other is looking like USB C-Type port. Which one should I connect to the mini DP port on the AXR4T? How do others connect on Mac?

1.mini DP-Type to C-Type
2. mini DP-Type to mini DP-Type

Which one leads me to damm almighty AXR4T?
Sorry for asking so basic. This isn’t a complicated question. I’m 60 years old and just retired . I wanna make my dreaming gooood music. Nobody around me knows about machine like this. All they know is boaring paper things. haha :slight_smile:

Thank you. have a good day… is night.

All cables are working, if they are Thunderbolt (at least TB2) cables.
It doesn’t matter which connectors are used.

And maybe it’s better not to use the cheapest cable.

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Thank You st10ss !!! That’s the answer what I realize. Have a wonderful day!!

Hi healinghand - just to be very clear as I don’t believe your question was fully understood by st10ss.

You need to connect to the AXR4T through one of the Thunderbolt 3 ports (USB-C) on your Thunderbolt card. Do you have a Gigabyte Titan Ridge card? The other mini DP ports on the Titan Ridge card are not actually Thunderbolt 2 ports but display ports meant to rout video signal to the card (to facilitate running video through the thunderbolt connection).

In short you need both a thunderbolt 2 cable and also a Thunderbolt 3 to Thunderbolt 2 adapter. In my experience the Apple adapters actually work well.

Note: Thunderbolt 2 cables and miniDP cables are not the same even though they look the same. Same with Thunderbolt 3 and USB-C.

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Thank you very much KLai !!!
You are very kind and helpful. God bless you and damm Steinberg.
I bought ASUS’ mainboard and ThuderboltEX4 to use the AXR4T. However, despite trying in many ways, it didn’t work out. I bought and tried many new cables, but in the end I found out that the AXR4T only supports the Thunderbolt2 standard. So, first of all, I bought a USB interface for AXR4T . It works but only USB way. Finding the right cable isn’t that easy to me. I barely found a used Apple Thunderbolt2 cable and I’m waiting now.
Your response was very encourag me. Thank you again KLai. May you always be healthy and rest in peace.

Please Steinberg, support Thunderbolt3 or 4 user and humble Windows users too.
In front of KRAFTWERK, Aren’t you ashamed?

You’re welcome healinghand.

Unfortunately getting thunderbolt to work properly can be complicated.

Genuine USB4 cables and Thunderbolt 3/4 cables should technically be interchangeable.

However, even though they look the same, USB-C cables are a different proposition as they’re not all designed to the same standards. Some won’t even transfer past USB 2 speeds and are just useful as power delivery cables.

Also Steinberg recommends Thunderbolt 3 add in cards for PC and I’m unsure as to the support for Thunderbolt 4 (your Asus Thunderbolt EX card is Thunderbolt 4). Technically it should work as thunderbolt 3 & 2 are backwards compatible.

You really need a genuine Thunderbolt 3 to Thunderbolt 2 adapter. The one I have is the following -

  • Apple Thunderbolt 3 to Thunderbolt 2 adapter (MMEL2AM/A)

Connect this to one of the Thunderbolt 4 ports on the EX card and use it to connect to the AXR4T via the thunderbolt 2 cable.

Make sure you’ve connected everything as prescribed by Asus for the EX4 card.

eg. Attach the

  • Thunderbolt header cable to the motherboard
  • USB 2.0 header cable to a free USB 2.0 header on the motherboard
  • PCIe power cable to the power supply

Make sure the Thunderbolt EX4 driver is installed correctly.

If Windows recognises the ThunderboltEx4 card and it still doesn’t work with the AXR4T, it likely means that there’s an issue with using Thunderbolt 4 add in cards to connect to the AXR4T.

For reference, my Gigabyte Titan Ridge 2.0 card (Thunderbolt 3) works flawlessly with my PC and I’ve had no issues connecting with the AXR4T.

I only wish Steinberg would get a move on updating the functionality of the device. eg. DSPMixFX Remote Bridge, Loopback etc.