Which class or classes would be required to derive a custom gui editor class?

Hi, I would prefer not to use the inline wysiwyg editor for building my custom interface, but I am having difficulty finding the correct base classes to derive for my editor. I have also derived my own view from IPlugView, that I will use with the editor. A few pointers will be appreciated. I have exausted my internet searches trying to find information.
I have tried using AEffGUIEditor, but there are missing header errors, probably pointing to vst 2.4 classes inside the Steinberg codebase. I am using version 3.7.2
Kind regards, Anton.

I think I have found a solution for the problem. Working on it at the moment using VSTGUIEditor and CViewContainer. Keeping this open for the moment in case I require further guidance. Regards, Anton.

Up and running, but lots of work ahead.