Which Cubase Update do I download?

I have the Cubase that came with my Steinberg UR44 unit - and I thought I had Cubase AI - but now I’m confused.

I can see there’s an update for Cubase, however I’m a bit fuzzy on which version of Cubase I own - Cubase LE, AI or Elements 8. When I hover my mouse over the Cubase icon it says, “Cubase LE AI Elements 8” When I visit the update page (as directed from the Steinberg Hub menu) I can see that LE, AI and Elements 8 are separate downloadable updates.

Here is where I see this:

So, what is the best way to verify which version I have?

After logging into my online account with Steinberg and selecting
“My products” -> “Downloads”
I see that I have Cubase AI 8

Is this the best way to see what is installed on my Macbook Pro? I’d feel slightly better if I checked the software itself - somehow.


Hi David,

Launch your Cubase and open About screen. Here you see currently running Cubase derivative. Or open eLCC application, here you can see your Cubase license, which is the most safe place to check.

Also, if you still have your original installation disk /image available, you could simply run the original Cubase installer and, when being prompted by the “Steinberg Installation Updater” tool, choose “Yes, search for updates”.

You should then see the available updates for this installation.