Which Cubase version is enough for beginner or intermediate level?

Is Cubase AI or Cubase Elements is enough for beginner or intermediate level or should I buy Cubase Artist or Cubase Pro ?

Each version is equally suited for any user level, it all depends on what / how many features you want.

What is “good enough music”? If you can do that or not, would solely depend on your skills. If you can not do it with Cubase AI, then you probably also can not do it with Cubase Pro.

Yes, it does - a basic set. Apart from that - again “necessary” is different for everyone. Plenty of people complaining, that things they consider “necessary” are in Pro only.

Just get elements and see how you go. You can make perfectly goods tunes with elements or any daw. Then when you are ready upgrade.

Check out the comparison chart.

Cubase. If you are just starting then Cubase. Nuendo is overkill for you and most musicians and is more targeted towards film.

Nuendo is for post production and media work.

If you are working on sound for a TV show or movie get Nuendo.

If you want to record a song you wrote get Cubase.

If you don’t know what flavor of Cubase to get and are monetarily constrained get Elements.

If you don’t know what flavor of Cubase to get and are doing well financially get Pro.


You can always upgrade, and it will not cost you more to do so.
So just get started with Cubase Elements (you can do a lot with that), and then upgrade later on.

If money is no issue, and you wanna play around with some Pro features like VariAudio directly, you can do that, it’s just a matter of your wallet. But you will not save money by getting Pro directly. You can start with Elements, then upgrade to Pro later, and the cost will be the same.

Possibly even less as there is often a summer upgrade sale.


Make the necessary connections and press record.

What is “input filter”?

In Pre Rack.

Open the manual and check out yourself.