Which Cubase Version

A quick question…

I have Cubasis 2 and all IAP’s (FX Packs, Classic Machines, Waves)

If I were to purchase Cubase for Windows PC, which version would I require to guarantee that if I create a project on Cubasis that uses the IAPS as well as Micro Sonic, Micrologue and MiniSampler, and then once I use the Project importer, I will have everything on Desktop that I have on iOS, number of tracks, FX, instruments etc…

Is there a Cubase version that includes everything or would I need further VST’s ?


Hi Andy,

The Cubasis Project importer allows to import Cubasis projects with supported Cubase and Cubase LE/AI/Elements version as listed here:

In general, all supported Cubase versions are fine to be used for this purpose.
I’d recommend to get the Cubase version meeting best with your personal demands: Compare the Versions of Cubase | Steinberg

Please note that it might be required to manually load similar sounding instrument or effect presets in Cubase, depending on the Cubasis and or IAP instruments/effects in use. Alternatively, Cubasis allows to make use of TrackFreeze, to convert tracks to audio, before importing them with Cubase.

Additionally, we offer 30 day trials free of charge, to test drive what you have in mind, before you buy:

Hope that helps!