Which Cubase Version?

Hi all…I’m going to buy Cubase 11…But I’m not sure about what Cubase 11 I need…I’m using VST instruments and VST FX’s,In a project max 15-20 midi channels,I dont using real time midi system,I play with Axiom Pro 49,I have an M Audio Air sound card and Behringer Xenyx Mixer front of my system.I dont use any outer acoustic or electronic instrument.I think I am a standart user.:Could You please help me to chose what I need?Cubase LE is enough?
Thank you all

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Cubase LE is OEM edition, which you cannot buy. You would get it with some hardware, same as Cubase AI. The lowest edition you can buy is Cubase Elements.

Cubase Elements is great starting point. If you need more in the future, you can buy an upgrade.

You can read thru the Cubase editions comparison chart.

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Thank you very much dear Martin…Actually there is a good tool to compare on Steinberg web page, but I don’t understand some of them.Do you know a place that telling the details of all of these things on the list?For example Cubase Elements has not VST Midi Effect Plug Ins…Does it mean about the FX plug ins where we use at the left area from Audio Inserts?


The best and most complex is the list I shared.

MIDI plug-ins are not Audio plug-ins.

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Thank you very much,now I got it… :+1: