Which Cubase?

Hi Guys,
First time in the forum.
I’ve been using Cubase since my Atari days back in the 80’s.
I’ve been using Cubase SL3 for the last 6 years,
I’ve got a new Windows 7 64bit i5 8gig PC now and think it time to upgrade to current version Cubase 6.
Thing is - which one? Because I’m very ‘traditional’ in my recording i.e. use only one virtual instrument (Studio Drummer) and all other midi stuff outboard ( Roland sonic Cell / Roland Vk8 / Yamaha PSR ), do I need the top one, Cubase 6? Probably not.
What I need to know is - do all 3 versions ( Cubase 6.5/ Cubase Artist 6.5/ Cubase Elements 6) have the same midi/audio capabilities, recording and editing?
If they do I may as well save some dosh and go for the Elements 6.
But hang on---- there must be more difference between Elements and Artist than what first appears, after all £90 to £253 is a big deal! What’s missing in the Elements version? Hope somebody can help. Atariman Liverpool