Which DAW to Buy

im generally the plug and go type. i like honing in on nuances after laying down an idea, but i keep things pretty basic and fairly limited to drive my creative workflow. i had played drums 20 years but songwriting/singing has now taken priority. i just bought a Nord Drum 2 and would love to be able to playing into a DAW that can quantize the loops/patterns, lay down my idea and fine tune it, without the multi-layered madness. or, at least to approach in simplicity and proceed with depth at my own pace. im also a graphic designer, so aesthetically speaking, clutter shuts my brain down and i tend to want to walk away. for these reasons, ive been eyeballing Sequel 3, but wondered if the Nord Drum 2 integration would at all be an issue. ive been exploring so many options, even external sequencers, that at this point im a bit exhausted, and hoped i could collect some feedback here. thanks for any pointers in advance.


Sequel is pretty simple, I guess it would work for you. You can download the trial here:


If you buy it and ever feel like you need more power in the future, it’s possible to upgrade it to Cubase Artist or Pro at a slightly reduced price.

As romantique says, there are trial versions for most DAWs out there, so your best bet is to just try and see which one you like best.
You didn’t say what kind of computer you have, but if you’re on Mac, get Garageband. It’s free and very easy to use. Once you’ve put some time into that, you can more clearly define what you want from a DAW, which might make it easier to decide. Unfortunately there isn’t really a free alternative for Garageband on Windows that is as easy to use.