Which folder does different VST's go into?


I am trying to move EWQL sample files in to Cubase. I have found out that with all samples that you have to move them in to a Cubase 6 VST folder so then you start up Cubase and it scans the folder to recognise and play the samples. My question is, which folder does the samples go in to?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Short story: for most VSTis the VSTi *.dll file does not have to be in the same folder as the samples. Once the VSTi is properly installed, authorized and registered, if you move the samples, when you load the instrument it will tell you it cannot find the samples and ask you if you want to browse for them … or some other such similar question/ option. As long as you remembered what directory you placed the samples into … no problem.

Most VST/ VSTi plugins themselves can be moved somewhere else later if you want … although there are a few exceptions that require keeping them in the installation directory for proper operation.

Most people place their VST2.0 and VSTi2.0 in the windows program directory … slightly different depending on which version of windows you use … Steinberg>vstplugins. This is just for convenience, since many plugins use this as default for installation. But as long as you can point the program through ‘preferences’ to where the VST/ VSTi folders are located on your system, you can place them where you want and have as many subdirectories as you want.

I like to use a different subfolder in vstplugins for instruments and effects. Then inside the effects folder, for example, I have further subfolders … for examples one for EQs, one for Compressors, one for Delays, etc.

The VST3 plugins are set in a default directory by Steinberg and 3rd party manufacturers use that same directory address.

There you go … a mini course on VST/ VSTi handling.


Same on the mac

Thanks for the hard work. Still massively confused though.

Basically, my samples are on a separate hard drive. I just would like to know how I open them up in Cubase 6 to play. Usually you go to: Devices> VST instruments> Click on the VST instruments box and then scroll down to Embracer/Halion/Mystic/Prologue etc to select your VST. The problem is that my samples from EWQL do not show up using this method. There is no option to select them. Only the samples and VST’s that come with Cubase are there.

How am I able to open them up to play?

Thanks again!


When you installed EWQL, etc, samples, it asked where you wanted the VSTi installed. Unless you created other VSTPlugins folders, they are usually in the Cubase specified one.

If they are not in the Cubase one, search for VSTPlugins folders and for any not already in Cubase’s plugin folder list, add them, using the Plugin Information window. See the manual for details.

It get more complicated if you are running:

  • both 32 and 64bit C6
  • using jBridge
  • have VST(i)s that are provided as both 64 and 32bit.

Search the forums for ‘VSTPlugins’.

I think I misunderstood your question. You are not asking where your samples are, but ‘where are my VSTi instruments?’

Hit F11 on the PC and open the VSTi Rack. That is where you select to open access to your instruments (as opposed to using the Instrument Tracks option which ties the VSTi to a midi track). But you must have already told Cubase in the preferences where the folder you installed your VSTi instruments into is … unless you used the Steinberg>vstplugins folder created by Cubase that I already mentioned.

Just like you have to navigate through folders to find files you’ve placed somewhere … so does Cubase. You have to give it directions to the folder holding the files through the preferences. It will then remember this … but if you then move those files, which is what VSTi *.dlls are, it will no longer be able to find them … unless you again tell them the new location.