Which font is the new lines font?

First of all, I have to praise the Dorico team for the new update! It comes just in time for a piece I have to deliver, in which I will have to use those lines. This together with the bracketed notes, improved MusicXML export, the condensing changes and improvements and so on looks already like the ultimate notation software. There are almost no reasons for potential switchers not to switch to Dorico anymore! Kudos for the team!
Now I have my question. Which is the font used in the new lines text? I would like to use @fkertlow’s font Metrico font (kudos to you too!) for making these kind of lines:
jeté unmeasured_0024.png
By the way, I think it would be useful for note-attached lines, to have a property to wether to attach the beginning and ending of the line in the inner part of the notes or in the outer part. For lines like hooks, having the line from the outer part by default would be more useful, I think. For now, I’ll just adjust in Engrave mode.

It’s the ‘Horizontal Line Font’ which you can changee in Engrave mode in Engrave menu / Font Styles.

Our thinking was that for horizontal brackets rhythmic position attached (or bar line attached) lines outside the staff is more suitable, and those include the start and end notehead in the line length.

Thanks! I was looking for “line” and I didn’t find it.