Which Groove Agent I need if I have Cubase 9.5?

Hi !
As far as I know all SE editions are plugins for Cubase, I have Cube 9.5 but because of slow internet here I don’t want to download all 12+ gigabyte archive to install just GA , so I have several questions.

  1. Where to find info which Halion and Groove Agents SE versions correspond/ships with particular Cubase version.

  2. Where to download latest GA separately with content for 9.5 Cubase?
    In download assistant there is separate downloads for Cube 12 but for Cube 9.5 all is inside one big archive.

  3. Can I download Cubase 12’s Groove Agent 5 SE and use it with Cubase 9.5 ?

I don’t know if this helps but on the readme for 9.5.50 there appears these notes which relate to 9.5.20:

Retrologue (version 2.1.10) and Groove Agent SE (version 4.2.50) are updated.
HALion Sonic SE is updated to version 3.1.0.

So that gives you a rough idea of the versions that shipped.

Not sure if Groove Agent 5 SE would run in v9.5 or not - it perhaps depends more on what license you have, rather than the application installed/used perhaps?

I’m a bit clueless on that though, sorry.

skijumptoes thanks !
I have 9.5 pro license, found that info about update of halion and groove agent. it is strange that those newer versions of those 2 plugins are not included in rar of cubase 9.5.

I’ve checked versions of halion installed with cube 9.5 and it’is pretty old , for example I have 3.0.15 halion while HALion Sonic SE 3.4.40 FREE · 718 MB is freely avaliabe on steinbergs website, it is way newer version compared to what comes with 9.5 by default and it is not included especially when it’s a plugin and can be installed only with host software.