Which imac?

I desperately need to upgrade from my old but very faithful powermac G5. I make dance music and use onboard synths a lot of the time. I would love an i7 quad core but its so expensive. Could any imac users let me know how there getting along with i5 and i3 imacs. Many thanks

thanks for the input!

Being a user of an i7 myself I’m certain an i5 is a killer machine too.


Thanks for using the correct forum…

Why don’t you let the forum moderators decide what is the right forum? John is obviously a Cubase 5 user and would like to have feedback on people using the new Imacs. In my opinion this forum is perfectly adequate and appropriate for his question. If you have little to contribute to answering the question why bother writing. You are not a moderator.

You’re welcome!

Well - if you are allowed to post your opinion here, why shouldn´t I…?

And your contribution therefore is…?

Hi !

I’m running few years old dual core iMac with C5 with no probs. I’m doing majority of processing with outboard or dsp system thou’ but no glitches whatsoever. Guess i5 would be multiple times more efficient than mine :slight_smile: