Which iPad to buy for cubase LE AI

I have a question. Does anybody of you guys know if an iPad Air is enough for using Cubase LE AI. I‘ve got a Mikrophone and an interface and want to record vocals in the Programme.
I just Need the iPad for recording and for some notes at university.
Do you think an iPad Air is enough or would you say an iPad Pro is necessary because the processor is better?
I‘m a beginner and I want to learn some Song Recording skills.

Greetings from Germany

Hello Anna,

Cubase LE or AI doesn’t run in iPad. For iPad you can use Cubasis, an app. At least in my not very new iPad Air 2 Cubasis 3 runs flawlessly.

If with “some recordings” you mean you plan to do some voice (singing?) recordings, then Cubasis could be a good choice, if you plan to do some arrangements, choirs, background vocals, guitars or something like that. Cubasis has some internal instruments too.

If you plan to do some more advanced things and want to use Cubase, then you need a PC or Mac.

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