Which is better for C7: CC121+ CMC OR Mackie Control

I have used the basic Mackie Control for years, mainly for channel fader control and pan. I recently purchase the CC121 & CMCFD & CMCQC, thinking they would integrate better with C7. I have messed with the CC121 & I have to say I’m not sure I get it. It seems less intuitive than the old MC. Maybe cause their are 8 faders on the MC. I haven’t even tried the CMC units yet. So my question is is the CC121 a better choice, just that I need more time with it & need to coordinate mouse use with or is the MC truly the more accessible unit when it comes to C7? Maybe by integrating the CMC units it will make more sense. Have any of you switched from the MC to the CC121 & found it to being the better controller?

thank you

I’ve never used more than 1 fader, but I think it’s not surprising that going from 8 to 1 fader isn’t an improvement in accessibility. I can work very fast with the cc121 though, you always have direct control over the track you’re working with which can be faster than looking for that one fader in your faderbank.

cc121 work flow is very fast with one fader.

You have to think of the CC121 as a channel strip rather than a multi-channel mixer. That way, whichever channel you are addressing, all of the control is right there, dedicated to that channel. For me, that is perfect, and I find the CC121 very easy to use. A decent pro-quality device too.