Which Keyboard works best with Cubase Pro 11?

Hello! Could you please advise me which Keyboard i should use with Cubase Pro 11? Specifically for the creation of Film Music ? Thx in advance, Steve Crick.


All keyboards are working the very same way, they just send Notes On/Off. I would recommend to focus to the keyboard itself, how do you like it, how playable is it for you.

Hi Martin,
I have a Roland RD 300 GX . When i was doing the month trial run, i connected it with Cubase Pro 11, but there was a small time lag, between playing the note and hearing it, which was quite an annoying delay. Perhaps theres a way of avoiding or reducing this that you could tell me please?

You have to check your buffer settings. If you set it to something like 64 samples you shouldn’t notice as much of a delay. This can be tough depending on your computer and the instrument that you are using. You could use an instrument that is a little lighter on RAM and processing and change it to the intended instrument once you have the performance down. Some instruments have a light mode that gives you the sound, just not as good as needed for a mixdown.


If you were using Virtual Instruments (VSTi), make sure, you are using Asio Driver and try to decrease the Audio Devices’ Buffer Size. Cubase > Studio > Studio Setup > your Asio Driver name (bellow the Audio System) > Control Panel.