Which Kits and Which Sets

I have soOOOOooo much trouble using Grove Agent. It’s sooOOOoooo complicated. I’ve watched tutorials but my screen doesn’t look the same.

  1. How can you tell what Kits you’ve purchased??

2)How can you tell what Sound Instrument Sets (percussion-wise) you’ve purchased??

It’s soOOOoo complicated and frustrating.

What exactly are you looking for?

You can check what you have a license for by running the eLicenser Control Center and Steinberg Activation Manager.

A list of the libraries that you have installed can be found by opening the Load Panel, then clicking the Instrument Set browser (the wide yellow rectangle at the top).

The Edit and Mixer tabs will look different based on whether you have a Beat Agent or an Acoustic Agent kit loaded.

If you’re having trouble finding something you saw in a tutorial video, please post a screenshot or a link to the video.

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