Which Metadata Options Do You Add Info To?


This may be OT for this forum, but I’ll ask anyway. There are so many options for adding metadata about your track name, artist, etc, that I’m not sure I need to worry about most of them.

99.9% of my projects never end up on physical media. Most are MP3, and few are wav or broadcast wav and all are online for streaming. Which metadata options should I fill in the data for?




I would just put what the stores put in. But I would also include ISRC. They include the ISRC, but in another location not shown by most taggers. I would just put the ISRC in the ID3v2 ISRC field. And include the picture, like they do.

Good idea! Thanks Bob

I neglected to mention that the ID3v1, ID3v2, and picture sections are the only sections written to MP3, so those are the only sections you need to worry about for MP3. AAC gets ID3v2 and picture sections only.

The Amazon picture shows up as Cover(Front) in Wavelab. The iTunes picture shows up as Other in Wavelab.

All the other sections (RIFF BWF XML CART) are for WAV only as far as I know, although WAV tagged with Wavelab can also include ID3v2 and picture, in addition to all those other sections.