Which midi controller keyboard

I’m looking at buying a midi keyboard for my iPad to use with cubasis plus other apps and was hoping someone could give me advice or recommend one.

I have a budget of about £150 and have decided that I want want 49 full keys, I’ve seen three that look quite good which are. The Maudio oxygen, the launchkey 49 or the impact lx49. Can you control any of the cubasis functions with any of these and if so how?

I need to include the camera connection kit within this budget as well, also are the cheap eBay kits any good or should I stick to the apple one?

Hi Ms80s,

I am sure our great customers here can share their experience with the controllers that you are interested in.

As for the camera connection kit we recommend to only use the original one by Apple. Most of the ebay clones will not work. Also here you find information in our Cubasis user guide on all CC MIDI parameters you can control any might be able to assign to your keyboard, depending on the model you will buy:



Thanks for the reply.

I see that there’s no control for things like the transport controls, mixer etc, is this something that will be available in a later update?

I will certainly forward your request to our team. At this point however I can not confirm if and when such features will be available in the near future.