Which midi controller?

I know this gets asked a gazillion times but please bare with me,…

Which controller?
I recently got back into music after a very long break brought an MPClive mk 2 and the desired I needed more, so last time I used cubase it was VST32.
Bare in mind then there were days of new tech and alot didn’t work what I’m reading now is its still the same?
I’m looking for a really nice controller and I’m stuck, I love the functionality of the Komplete series but only use Massive.

The Launchpads seem okay abit plastic for my liking.

What are the Panorama p4 like? Does the fader lock to any channel you select? I heard it wasn’t so supported now with Cubase 12/13?

Jeeze it was hard to pick one that fully worked back then, somethings never change…

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Take a look to the Novation SL MK3 with this awesome script.

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