Which Neutrik combo jack is used on ur28m?

The first of the two combo jacks “caughts” the cord when I insert it (both XLR and tele), and then it’s impossible to remove it (well, not impossible, but you have to open the soundcard, remove the upper PCB and do some fiddling with a very small screwdriver :slight_smile:).

So, I thought I should replace it. However, on Neutrik’s homepage there are a lot of very similar combo jacks.

Thus, I wonder if anyone know exactly which model that is used on the ur28m?

Can’t you just send it back under warranty? This shouldn’t happen :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess I could, but for me it would be easier to just replace the jack. Using warranty means that it would be away for at least 2-3 weeks (?). If I replace the jack (which I guess wont cost that much) I can continue using it until I have a new jack, replace it and than start using the soundcard directly.