Which of the three files should we download?

We that have a grace-period update see three files in the download section.

_- Two of them have “Cubase music tools” in the title

  • All three have the same size_
    Which file(s) do we need to download and install?

    (Perhaps you can just answer the question instead of deleting the posts this time? It’s a pretty simple question.)

Looks like this for me:

I guess you guys are gone for the day / weekend. Not so impressive then.

Sorry Lydiot, the collegues are out to celebrate the release.
I’m left alone in the building.
Wait, I see Fredo and Yvan coming back. They’re wasted. :open_mouth:

Allow me to respond then.
Get the third if you don’t have the Nek.
Any of the first one if you have the Nek license.

My download was 6 gig with the Cubase Music Tools.

Oh god, they"ve just spilled beer on the Nuage prototype…

So you’re saying that the files are different? They’re all the exact same size with exactly the same file name:


Where did you find this information out?

Just a guess Lydiot. Maybe the files are the same (judging by the fiie size indeed), maybe there’s a trigger to install Music extensions by default in one of these. The file size is roughly equal to the Cubase 7 demo as well.
The version I got had a choice to install NEK separately.

You’re left guessing wich one to pick now. But they’re probably the same, as you reckon.

Hi Lydiot,
I can´t say why it´s listed seperately. They all seem to be the same
package and should all contain both the Nuendo 6 + NEK installer.
To not risk a double download I´d choose the 3rd one. Maybe there`s
a reason for those 3 entries that I don´t know right now. cheers, Tino

Ok. It’d be good if you make it clear that you’re guessing, just in case there are differences that you aren’t aware of. That way other users can decide for themselves if it’s worth trusting your guess or not.

Didn’t recall this. I guess that sort of answers the question.

And I guess this is the definite answer.

Thanks. It was a bit like pulling teeth with poor sedation, but thanks.

Woola, no sense of humour or guess when you anxiously wait for a newly bought product to get delivered… ? :slight_smile:
It’s ok, were all the same when it comes to gear waiting.

Enjoy your Nu6 Lydiot.

If the files had been different and I had installed the wrong one and it had caused software headaches then I most certainly wouldn’t have seen the “humour” in it. Would you?

And it’s not that I’m anxiously waiting, I can wait a few days. It’s just annoying when the question is very simple and an answer is so hard to get (I exchanged PMs on this as well).

…Hence the humour about the empty office. :wink:

I don’t even want to think about something like that ! I’d be crazy.

Have a good (hopefully install and mess around) day .