Which of these two machines for Cubase and which for VEPro?

Hi all,

I have just recently switched from Logic to Cubase and I have two computers. Which of these two would you use for running Cubase and which one for VEPro 6?

1. Mac Mini 2012
Late 2012
Quad-cores i7 2.6 GHz I7–3720QM
Intel HD Graphics 4000

2. Generic PC Windows 10
Built in 2017
Quad-cores i7 3.6 GHz i7-7700
256 GB SSD
1 TB 7200 rpm HD
nVidia GeForce GTX 1050Ti 4 GB

Next to that, I have a 4 TB USB3 external hard drive (7200 rpm) and a PreSonus Audiobox USB interface.

I mostly do orchestral stuff with an average of 50 tracks, only using VSTs. I don’t record anything and am not working with audio tracks.

My gut feeling was to run Cubase on the Mac Mini and split the VST load (Kontakt/Play) between the Windows 10 PC and the Mac Mini using VEPro 6.

What do you think?

Thanks for your time!

For those interested, I finally opted to run Cubase on the Mac and the VEPRo server on the PC with all the VSTs stored on the 1 TB spin drive. On the Mac, RAM usage is never higher than 2 GB for Cubase (I run the reverbs locally) and it doesn’t spin the fans. UI is butter-smooth. On the PC side, I found out that VEPro is really optimized in the way it handles multiple cores and everything runs smoothly. It took me more than a day to build my template and have everything set up with network connections and all. At some point in time, I’ll add more RAM to the PC but for now, everything works fine.

Interesting… I would have done the other way around. :wink: The main thing is it works for you and YOU are happy.

I just saw this topic and you are the perfect person to answer… I got no replies at VSL or elsewhere…

I have only tested VE Pro on the same machine… but i am buying a new computer, and I decided i’d keep my 27" imac to use is as my monitor, and to slave VE Pro to it.

I am trying to find out real world latency figures.

What buffer size to you use in Ve Pro and what buffer multiplier? But most importantly, how hard does cubase’s cpu meter on the mac get impacted by the ve pro windows slave? Using ve pro and cubase/PT or Logic on the same mac, impacts the daw’s dsp headroom significantly, in fact i found out it’s a useless exercise as the realtime keyboard buffer to play the VI’s is higher than the one i set in my DAW, and i actually get more polyphony using only the DAW…

BUT, a slave machine is an exciting idea, and i will literally have an imac there being used for nothing other than a screen, which seems a waste to me.

Could you just tell me what latency your ve pro instance in cubase on your mac reports when you open the small little host gui shell thingie?

I am trying to work out if it’s going to add even more latency going over ethernet.

Thanks so much in advance.