Which one is better or correct engraving in this case?: tie direction and cue note

Dear engravers, composers and arrangers,

Which is the better or correct engraving in this case?
(Sorry, I did not try to find this example in Gould’s books!)
Violin harmonics double stop with cue notes


The second one seems to me to be better, but unpleasant to read.

(I’d leave out the sounding note altogether!)


The best way would be for Dorico to show the sounding note as a cuenote for the first tied note, and hide it from the second to the last tied note, and also show it every time the system is changed. It would be great if this could be done individually per score layout and part layout…

However, Dorico still does support to display natural harmonics for diamond notehead and nth string …

I would also consider just adding „Sul E“ and leave out the sounding pitches.
In any case, they should be tied, too.
Or, just write it only at the beginning, no need to repeat it

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