Which one is right?

When I play my FLACs through WaveLab Element 10, the rendering is totally different from what I hear from consumer grade players such as Foobar, JRiver, Audirvana etc… I, of course, like listening them on WaveLab but the question I have is which one is right? Does WaveLab apply any DSP or equalization?

Do you make sure any VST plug-ins are deactivated in WLE during playback?

Incidentally, I don’t know why you’re using a payware audio editor just to listen to FLAC files. The most important thing for simple playback is being able to control the resolution. WLE doesn’t offer any particular advantage in this regard.

Addendum: The unfortunate thing about these questions about whether a DAW has a distinct “sound” or not is that the questions are, apparently, never settled conclusively by the people asking them (i.e., with controlled, blind tests). The issues are left in limbo by the inquirer until it seems safe to revisit them, over and over again. It’s like something out of a Greek myth.

I don’t see the point.