Which PC (Company)

Hi all

thinking of getting a new setup. Hoping to make use of the last months of my student discount advantage!

Top budget is £1200. Looking at PC’s from RAIN, Carillion and Inta-Audio

Tempted the most by Inta-Audio now as they seem cheaper, but not sure how they’re components compare to a company like Carillions?

What I do know though is that to upgrade a baseline 4GB RAM setup to 16GB costs at least £100 (some times £275!!!) more with Carillion than Inta-Audio :open_mouth:

Plus there are some disgustingly cheap (and comparable) PC’s on ebay. sometimes half the price of the companies specified above! However, I am not blind to the fact that ebay PC’s will offer inferior components, setup, support and other little things like 500w PSU’s.

PC AUDIO LABS IS REALLY GOOD and a bit cheaper than rain.

Cool, they look good. I’m in the UK though so may be a bit of an issue with them…

By the time you’ve paid the Duty and Shipping I doubt that this would be budget purchase.


in the UK ? then SCAN.

I’ve had a look at Scan. they seem to be a little more pricey than the likes of inta-audio though

quality, support and components used
much better product and better rep.

thats like saying Dell is less let me just buy that…

Yeah, Support does go a long way.

found these guys


now I know a pro-audio PC builder will offer me a personalised set-up and such. but as far as components go, you can get the same build with very comparable components for a much cheaper price. The only thing that seems to be missing is things like acoustic lining etc…

As I am likely just to carry on my project home studio setup and am after just more cpu and ram (but I do need a new setup not an upgrade) then isn’t this just as reasonable?

not so sure on cube247 but I’ve heard of pcspecialist and they have a decent site.

its more than the sum of parts
there are audio specific needs (motherboard compatibilty)
bios tweaks, windows tweaks (the latter not near as important as it once was but there are still about 30 tweaks we do…)

it can mean the difference of high DPC vs low DPC with the same given hardware…

then there is the quiet factor. 2 difference 700w power supplies 1 sounds like a jet engine the other silent.
one has good warranty and low fail rate the other a POS
one actually works at stated rate the other seriously undervolted (below rating)

and that was just the power supply… i can go on with each part.

thus the diff between us audio builders/professional workstations and the typical box slinger.
you are on a tight budget so it makes it even more difficult for you to decide.


As a satisfied customer of ADK I can state that their service and attention to both the big stuff and the small stuff is well worth any additional money I may have spent, and while equivalency is not a simple equation when you get into the minutiae, I didn’t spend much additional money at all.

We recently did a Win7/64 upgrade on that machine with new memory and graphics card and Chris from ADK gave free advice and tweak info, even spending time on a TeamViewer session to fix one item, TWO YEARS after I bought the system. Of course I bought the upgrade parts from him but those commodities don’t begin to pay for his time.

You can always find a system for less money. If you need a professional solution that makes money then I’d recommend a professional builder with service. Even if Scott hates on Macs <humor at your expense Scott!>.


:mrgreen: i like macs
mac and cheese, big mac…
and Apple aint bad if you are using Logic, DP.
for cubase they suck. :laughing:
and thanks for the props~ maybe that will help the OP understand the value of a daw builder, however there were some names mentioned you would NOT get that kind of service with.

You could look here : http://www.paqt.co.uk/

Peter used to post in the old forum but haven’t seen him here…yet.

he has been very ill for awhile. i dont think he is doing anything anymore

Darn, that’s sad to hear, I used to converse with him regularly :cry:

Thanks for the info Scott

Jeez, yeah. That’s a bummer. Peter was good people. :frowning:

Does anybody know of any pro audio pc builders in Australia? I’m moving there within some months and I’m gonna get a new desktop pc when I get there. The one I’ve found got a website that looks like it’s from 1992 and to be honest, that doesn’t really look professionally.