Which plugin is just for delay output?

Hi I just want to delay the output by maybe 50ms, I know there’re a lot of plugins can do this, but I’m using the delay not as a plug in, but like delay 100% of what’s being output. So it’s like play everything from that output later by 50ms


Do I understand it, you want to Shift it? There is the dedicated function for this in Cubase, which is called (surprice…) Delay. :slight_smile:

Open the Inspectors’ Track name tab in the Project window. Under the Volume and Pan sliders, there is the Delay slider. Set +50 to Shift the track 50ms later. Btw: visualy it doesn’t move, which allowes you to Quantize (foepr example) even if it’s shifted. This function send Shift the time, when it is sent to process.

Shift is what I mean but :

  1. I could not let the ADAT output tracks to show in main windows (they only exist in mixer window for me)

  2. There’s no such function for aux tracks, only audio and midi tracks, I’m not sure the OUTPUT tracks./…

Create a group routed to the master out, and insert a delay there.

In the mixer, shift-select all other channels, quick-link them, and change the routing of one of the other channels to your newly created group, so that all of them become routed there.

Does that get it done?

I just wonder which plugin of cubase is as simple as for just the shift function for adding as insert on output in mixer.

Is there a Globally shift offset function in cubase?


There is no reason for plug-in, if there is a dedicated function.

Precise Audio Delay Plugin [VST, AU, AAX] - Sound Delay - Voxengo free

I think the same, but I didn’t find such function for physical OUTPUT tracks

Assuming you can’t time-shift a whole output track like you can a “source” track - surely any mono or stereo (where applicable) delay plugin with feedback (echo repeats) set to 0 and dry/wet set to 100% wet will do exactly what you want?