Which plugin to use?

I’m a recent user of Wavelab Elements 9 and happy with results so far. I am trying to make sense of the many plugins supplied with the program. For example, there are at least 3, and probably more, limiters. How to pick one? Do I need to try each one? Or would it be good to start with the VST3 plugins, as being newer and (one would hope) better?

The plugins I foresee needing are a compressor (I plan to use the one with soft knee option) and a limiter. I don’t expect to have either plugin come into play very often, as I’m aiming for natural stereo sound.

Portland, OR

Short answer

Simply use your ears and Use the one which sounds best.

Unless of course your trying to achieve a specific technical specification for the audio, such as EBU R128 standards, in that case which ever one sounds best and gets you where you need to be!

Longer answer

I have found with my limited experience with audio, (there are many other more experienced then me on the forum - I am here to learn too!)
that there is no right or wrong tool or method, but each different plug in will have its own sound, and will have been designed for a purpose. However newer plug ins tend to do what older ones do and more, often with better processing and transparency. Sometimes the older plug in is left available for backwards compatibility. I tend to stick to using the Master Rig for my wave lab processing needs. Imo its replaced most of the individual stock plugins, for general usage.

For you needs I would surjest getting to know master rig too, It really is a amazing tool, and can sound as clean or a coloured as you like it. Its very flexible been modular. Its covered in good detail in the help documents, and in some videos.


Hope I have helped a bit.


Hi Ben,

Yes, you have helped! The comment that that newer plugins tend to be more transparent was exactly what I was looking for. The idea that Master Rig is a good first choice is also helpful.