Which plugins and settings for vioce over?


I have a podcast called Arctic Sessions where me and a friend mix an hour or so with Progressive/Electro House and Trance. We have some voice overs that we read into a proper studio mic but we are struggeling to integrate this into the mix with a sound quality that we are happy with.

Now we use this set up:
Noise reduction
Gate (clean lead vox)
Limiter (push it louder)
Mono Delay

Are we missing any plug-ins here?
A de-esser would be nice to have and I hope you have some recomendations?

Hope to get inputs here on what is best to use :slight_smile:



Aloha n,

Many ways to do this but one approach is; for VO work try ‘ducking’.


_Using a compressor with a sidechain allows you to ‘duck’.

Here is a commercial example:
Watch/listen to a sporting event on television.
When the announcer speaks, the background crowd noise goes down (ducks).
When the announcer stops talking, the crowd noise rises again.
In American football (and many other sports) this gives a dramatic effect just before the ball is ‘snapped’.
Good Luck!

Curteye has a good suggestion, but there is another one, which is kinda boring and ‘logical’, but someone has to say it…

Listen to what is needed. There is no ‘plugin chain for voice overs’. Does it need compression? Then add a compressor. Does it need EQ? Then use an EQ. Does it need ducking? Then use the ducking suggestion.

Listen to what is needed and play with the settings and different plugins to try to achieve YOUR sound.

Every recording/voice/mix is different :slight_smile: