Which Plugins do you often chose for instruments and Mastering?

I use many plugins, but these are just a few I often go to:

For various instruments, I often go for the UAD 1 Pultec Pro, LA2A, 1176, Dreamverb and Waves L2

Sometimes Waves SSL for inputs.

For Bass UAD 1 LA2A and Waves Bass Rider

For guitar (after my Fractal AX8) Waves RComp

For Vocals Waves Vocal Rider, De-esser and L2.
For Kick Drum UAD 1 Pultec Pro
Depending on the Drum kit, I may use XBass too.

For Mastering I like the UAD 1 Pultec Pro, sometimes Frequency,
and always the Waves L2.

hi there,

here’s is how i did mockup and mix some artists as billie eilish, dua lipa, etc all within Cubase

hope it helps