Which product to go with

Hello everyone

I am new at this so I was hoping you could assist me.

We have thousands of songs that we use to compile playlists. The problem we seem to have is that the songs have not been normalised so this results in having to manually adjust the volume every time a new song comes on…which is ofcourse is not ideal.

I am not sure with which product to go to so that I can normalise our songs. That way irrespective of which playlist I add the songs to, I will not have an issue with the volume of the song.

Any suggestions for the ideal software that can assist with normalisation?

If you’re talking about simple peak normalization, there are a number of different programs that could batch-process that for you. You wouldn’t need WaveLab just for that.

WaveLab can do loudness normalization in batch.
Peak Normalization has little interest.