which product?

Hi, I bought UR22 interface and it came with AI-8. I want to compose some music with softsynths add vocals and maybe some external instruments. I want easy and natural use/workflow. I would laso like to use the software to add music and effects to home films and youtube videos etc.

Which upgrade to I need?

  1. stick with AI
  2. upgrade to cubase elements or
    3 sequal?
    4 another

I tried to researach this on steinberg website but website is rubbish and does not work - not even to give me a price!
Also didnt find and cubase to sequal comparisons in google.


Cubase AI should be fine to start with initially. When you run into limitations you can always upgrade.
You will need some other software to add music to video. You can do the music in Cubase (while viewing the video, Cubase has a video track although maybe not in AI) but it will not let you save a video file.

I do this with windows movie maker, it’s free and works fine :slight_smile:.

Thanks Strophiod !