Which SpectralLayers One 7 comes with Cubase 11?

I know it is about SpectralLayers One 7 but I am looking from the Cubase 11 perspective and especially now with the sales, I am wondering which Spectral Layers 7 version Steinberg included in Cubase 11? It is really puzzling since it runs also standalone which was imho never the case with these SE VSTi’s Cubase had/has onboard. Looking to the version information is just says SpectralLayers One 7, no Elements nor SE or whatsoever.

Now in the store you can only choose updates from previous versions or from Elements. Does it again mean there is no upgrade path from this add-on of Cubase 11?

(will post the same question also in General and SL subforum)

I think it is a “unique” version type. Not Pro or Elements, for example.

I have just done a full new windows 10 installation and have only installed the Cubase 11 pro files, my USB on the other hand has the Spectral layers 7 licence. After installing Cubase and all the files that comes with the Cubase pro download I have the full spectrum layers 7 to use.
This would suggest that the spectrum layers packaged with Cubase pro is the full download and as long as you have a full licence then it will activate as such but if you only have the Cubase licence then it will be activated as Spectral layers One 7. With this in mind the only the licence is different.