Which SpectralLayers One 7 version comes with Cubase 11?

I know it is about SpectralLayers One 7 but I am looking from the Cubase 11 perspective and especially now with the sales, I am wondering which Spectral Layers 7 version Steinberg included in Cubase 11? It is really puzzling since it runs also standalone which was imho never the case with these SE VSTi’s Cubase had/has onboard. Looking to the version information is just says SpectralLayers One 7, no Elements nor SE or whatsoever.

Now in the store you can only choose updates from previous versions or from Elements. Does it again mean there is no upgrade path from this add-on of Cubase 11?

(will post the same question also in PreSales and SL subforum)

Ok, got it I believe: It IS SpectralLayers One 7 :slight_smile: which did not exist before Cubase 11. So hence there is no way to purchase this very (too) limited version, which found its way into Cubase just for advertising and creating revenue, I am sure.
So they call it “One” and it will be the only one after all. You can’t upgrade it (from a purchase perspective) you can only replace it with either PRO or ELEMENTS as full version purchase (at least on sale atm).

I would say “just wait”.
People will ask about it and eventually Steinberg will “upgrade” this add on now when it was introduced in full version of Cubase. :wink:

Hope dies last :wink: I’d not be happy as a loyal SL7 customer if all of a sudden SL7 Pro is part of Cubase :wink:
Remember Padshop Pro? I purchased the - admittetly cheap - Pro upgrade once and the rest is history :angry:

You can buy the Full Version half price until 7th if you enter CYBERDEALS into the coupon box. It will be great when “Unmix Stems” doesn’t cause my system to reboot!

which found its way into Cubase just for advertising and creating revenue, I am sure

I’ve already used “unmix vocals,” on a mono capture where the old-skool “karaoke” center removal wouldn’t work.
It’s certainly better than nothing!

which found its way into Cubase just for advertising and creating revenue, I am sure

I have absolutely no problem with it… It can be uninstalled if one doesn’t want to use it. I have already played around with it and also thought it was pretty neat. The vocal removal thing worked surprisingly well. If only they could have it remove guitars so I could play along with my favorite songs!

Same happened to me with VST Connect Pro. Bought it and then it appeared a month later in CB10.

VST Connect Pro is not part of Cubase and never has been. VST Connect SE is part of recent versions of Cubase Pro and Nuendo. For many purposes, VST Connect SE will suffice, but if you want the full feature set then you need to buy and install VST Connect Pro.

The situation with Padshop was different. Padshop 2 got the full Padshop Pro feature set and more - there isn’t a Pro version of Padshop 2. The full Padshop 2 was bundled with Cubase Pro and Artist from version 10.5 and Nuendo from version 10.3 (which was a free upgrade from Nuendo 10). This made the Padshop Pro licences that people had purchased to be largely useless, unless they need to use Padshop on a computer that doesn’t have their Cubase or Nuendo licence.