Which SSD to put music software?

I just ordered a nice new system, with one M.2 500G SSD and another SATA 500G SSD. I have three main categories of software: OS and apps, music, and games. I’m wondering on which SSD I should put my music stuff (Cubase, VSTs, and sample libraries - projects will go on an HD).
I’ll put OS and apps on the M.2 drive, but don’t know if it’s better to share that drive with music or games. M.2 is faster, so I think it makes sense to put the music stuff on it, but will the fact that the music files and OS are on the same drive be an issue? Some people say it makes no difference on an SSD, but others still suggest keeping OS and music separate. Thoughts?

Makes no difference performancewise, logistics are easier though, having “user” and your files on a sepererate drive