Which Steinberg product?

I wonder if there’s a Steinberg product that will help me sort this out:
I have dozens (80-100 perhaps) songs that I’ve composed in various MIDI-editors over the last 25 years.
I also have dozens of folders with samples - .wav files that are single note recordings of various acoustic instruments - string, wind, brass, percussion, keyboards etc.
Now - I’d like to be able to map those real instrument sounds to the MIDI-tracks. How can I do this, with what software? I saw the general introduction video to HALion 6, and there’s a tiny bit there where you can see couple of notes played on a violin, then seemingly played back as a VST instrument (automatically changing pitch based on one single note?). I’d like to make use of ALL my samples, as they vary in velocity and duration and is a really nice collection of sounds. I started out plotting them into Cubase, note by note, parallel to the MIDI notes, but that’s just way too labourious!

I already have Cubase AI7 and am ready to upgrade if needed, to achieve compatibility with HALion 6 or whatever.