Which stretch algorithm is used with Tempo Track editing?

Hi -

Last night I was stretching my audio by editing the tempo track curve/points when I realized I wasn’t sure what stretch algorithm was being used. I wasn’t able to see a menu choice of algorithms at the top of the Tempo Track page.

Does that mean it defaults to the algorithm chosen in the Preference>Editing>Audio menu (I think I remember that path correctly…)?

Is that an editable feature … for example if I wanted Elastique’ Pro to be the algorithm, is there a way to choose it?

Finally - does anyone have an opinion about whether Elastique’ Pro compares well with the top dog algorithm available in that Preference file drop down menu (the one that says your computer might melt because of high CPU usage if you use it)?

Thanks in advance much!

there has been loads of threads on this as well …if your default is set to realtime the elastic is your default

Yes thanks, filterfreak. I found this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P7qAZXb-u5Q , I had forgotten that the algorithm is selected from the audio pool rather than on the tempo track itself.

BTW, re: the last bit of the OP - have you compared elastique pro and the options for stretching that are available in the preference menu?