Which studio monitors to by?


it has been asked million times I quess but I couldn’t find suitable topic.
Are there any decent studio monitors available around 200- 300€ ?
I was looking at m-audio Studiophile BX5a Deluxe (suites with my current budget, amazon’s price 149$, not sure about quality though and I have no chance to test them before ordering).
I’m not sure about mackie products since I had some in old studio and they produced disgusting 6500Hz raise at higher levels.
I appreciate every suggestion.


My suggestion would be to never buy speakers without hearing them first? Preferably in the room they are intended for, but at least in a shop or somewhere.

first of i have to say that im just a hobbyist who aint had the means to try out lots of gear but i do have a set of krk rp5’s, (i’ve put up some bass traps and foam tiles but if i’m honest i dont know how effective it is) when mixing i check between monitors and headphones and find the headphones sound a little brighter, like the high frequencies come through a little more while the krk’s sound a little more dull- BUT when i listen to my mixes on different sound system’s the krk’s without doubt gave me a more realistic representation.

so the krk’s help me make a dull mix every time :laughing:

I have pair of BX5a:s and been quite happy with them. No, they are not my studio monitors but hooked on my TV/DVD-player. But I used them as studio monitors while I was moving from one place to another and needed a quick tiny ITB setup to cope with my “out-of-studio withdrawal syndrome”. Of course they can’t replace my Genelec 1032:s, but I was positively surprised how well they performed during that period.

I would go not by what you hear in a shop (as this can be so deceptive unless you have the ears of the cat and can intellectually compensate for the ambience room size and shop furniture_. I would go by reputation.
Adams and Mackie (some of their range) are good places to start. If you are in UK try Digital Village. Dont go HiFo or High Street, although Phil Spector did listen to his final mixes on care stereos as this was their final destination.
Stay away from the cans where you can.

Ever tried Tascam VL-M3s (http://tascam.com/product/vl-m3/)? Not particularly expensive and the sound is fairly flat.