which symbol is vst 3?

Which symbol is vst 3, and what does the rest stand for?
I tried to look it up in the manual with no success.

VST3 is 3 hash marks. 64 bit plugs are 2, IIRC.

Sorry for being sluggish :blush: , but how does a hash mark look like? And what does the (X) - symbol stand for?

Actually, 2 hashmarks that are enclosed are 32 bit plugs that will be bridged.
No hashmarks are VST 2.x plugs that are 64 bit.

EDIT: x is for an external plugin.

go to the popup for adding an insert. Look at the steinberg filters.

Tonebooster has /// next to it meaning VST 3 x64
Tonic has // next to it meaning 32 bit
Stepfilter has nothing next to it meaning it is VST 2.x x64

EDIT: This is assuming you are in the x64 version of Cubase

Ok, thanx. Yes i run Cubase 64 bit. I have the Access Virus TI Snow with both (X) symbol and one with nothing. Which version should i run for stability? Now i run the one with X :confused:

Well in my 32bit Cubase /// is VST3

That will be the same. But no symbol means 2.x 32 because there is no bridge to designate

So is it ok to use the VST with X or what? :confused: