Which third-party VST2 and VST3 instruments respond to Dorico's microtuning?

Dorico 2 uses VST3 expression parameters or the VST2 per-note tuning parameter for microtuning.
Which VST instruments actually respond to microtuning when used in Dorico? (Apart from Note Performer.) So far I haven’t found any.
Pianoteq 6 (VST3) and Kontakt 5 (VST2) do not.

One year after, I’ve your same question. What I could see is that VSL Vienna Instruments responds to Logic’s microtuning commands, while Kontakt 6 doesn’t, and it seems will not do (there was no interest to my request, in NI’s forum).

If the situation is the same with Dorico, it’s a bit of a problem, because most of the extended techniques are in Kontakt instruments. Without microtuning support, we will still have years to wait before the perfect composing machine can be created.

Thank you Dorico for being ahead, even if the rest of the world doesn’t care!


I got in touch with Kontakt’s product owner at Native Instruments to ask them about this a long time ago, and sadly never received any response from them (and that despite the fact that a good friend and former colleague of mine is pretty senior in the product team over at NI).

The software development across the entire NI product line looks resposiveless to new essential technologies.
A great example is their insist on providing no VST3 support.

I can feel how Daniel feels regarding the microtuning playback issue, similar to my experiences sending bug reports to Apple regarding certain localization experience issues during these years.

Looks like only time could tell. Maybe there will be powerful replacements of Kontakt product line in the future.

NI is just focused on the commercial market. Most commercial (music for media) composers don’t care about microtonal playback, unfortunately.

Then the answer is simple: Let Cubase and Nuendo completely stop their support of VST2 plugins.
In that case, NI will surrender.
P.S.: They surrendered to AAX during the 64-bit transition of Pro Tools.

Pianoteq supports it as of version 6.4.0 (released in January)