Which Upgrade?

Hi all,
I have Halion Player which I can upgrade to Halion Sonic for 99.99. I then would be able to upgrade to Halion 4 for the same price. So, for about 200, I can make the full upgrade to Halion 4 or … upgrade to CB6 from Studio 5.

In the past, I rationalized that CB Studio 5 had all I needed and couldn’t justify spending that money to upgrade to CB6 but now I’m wondering if I should do that and be satisfied with Halion Sonic SE or keep what I’m happy with and have Halion 4 for the same price.

It seems that Halion SE and Cloning would be the only benefits I would really use in CB6. If I wanted to upgrade to Halion 4 from there, it would cost me another 200.

Your thoughts and thanks!


Hello Will,

I personaly would upgrade to Cubase 6 first and have a closer look to Halion Sonic SE (Halion 4 Demo). The step from Halion Player to Halion 4 is big.



Thanks for the reply Chris!
Are you saying that C6 has Sonic SE plus Halion 4 demo? If so, what would be the cost of upgrading the demo to a permanent license?