I am a proud user of Cubase Le Al Elements 9 but I want to upgrade it to Cubase Artist 10.
Unfortunately the instructions on the official Steinberg page ars so cunfuse, that I don’t know which upgrade shall I buy…
The problem is:
The uppgrade that costs 199 Euro is the upgrade from Cubase Elements, Studio or Sl
The next one for 249 Euro is the uppgrade for Cubase LE/AI (4 or higher)Esential or Sequel
If I look at my current Cubase version - the name of it contains parts of of both uppgrades…
Can you explain to me what should I do (or buy)

Check The eLicenser Control Center, which License you own.

Yeah…the installer covers multiple versions but ELCC will tell you which version your license is for.
If it came free with hardware it’s probably LE or AI. If you bought it on it’s own it’s probably Elements.

Yes dear colleagues it’s Cubase 9 Elements… so it means that I must download and(unfortunately)pay 199 euro :slight_smile:
Thanks for your kind help… wish you a lot of good music