Which used iPad to buy for Cubasis?

I am going to use Cubasis 1.6 as an audio recording device only - in loop mode, recording multiple takes (XLR mic into a USB interface) like I currently do in Cubase 6.5, then bringing the audio tracks to my Cubase 6.5 on a PC for inclusion into an existing project.

44.1KHz/24 bit input.

Thanks much!

i think 3 / 4 are good for your needs. because its also the gui task you have to consider.

Hi Alexis,

If you are going to use 96kHz definitely iPad4.

Thank you Jan and Crohde.

44.1KHz - no need for iPad 4 then?

Your shure about not using audiobus? Then you will be fine with an ipad3.

Hi All,

The best performance we’ve got in 96khz 24 bit / 22 tracks audio recording simultaneously
is with ca 60 MByte/sec " storage write " disk speed on iPad 3/4 measured with “PerformanceTest Mobile” free App.
(64 GB disk memory iPads).

We ascertained that some iPads 2/3 or 4 had the same disk performance = ca. 22 MByte/sec " storage write " speed.(16GB disk memory iPads).

Be sure that your iPad4 has more than ca. 22 MByte/sec " storage write " speed, if you need the best 96 khz 24/bit recording performance.

For comparison only,

22 MByte/sec " storage write " speed allows in 96 khz / 24 bit recording only
10-12 Tracks simultaenously on iPad 2 / 3 or 4.


Thank you, Jan!