Which version can run without a usb dongle? My laptop only has two usb ports.

Hi all,
I am quitting cakewalk disgusted and happy to find Cubase Elements 10 Trial does the basics of what I need

  • send midi start
  • basic piano roll midi notes
  • doesnt conflict with my audio recording software
  • need to try ezdrummer plugin eventually

Problem is I only have two usb slots on my laptop, one is for my audio interface, so this dongle business scares me.

I wonder what Cubase version there is where I dont need to physically occupy a usb slot during the entire Cubase session.

Thank you for any advice, i apologize if this first post is a dumb question.

I think the answer is Elements 10 needs no hardware dongle. Hopefully this is true because I just cant find room on my system for another usb thing.

Yeah Elements is the highest you can go without a dongle, beyond that Artist and Pro needs it.

But of course you can just use a very small USB hub to utilise more ports. I wouldn’t let number of USB ports dictate vs losing features such as Variaudio etc. Finance is probably a bigger issue, in fact. :slight_smile:

Cubase Elements runs using what’s called a “Soft-eLicenser”, which is basically disk-based copy protection. It works fine on laptops and that’s what I use it for. Personally I think it represents excellent value for money but bear in mind there’s no List Editor for MIDI, if very detailed MIDI editing is important for you.

IMHO nothing comes close to Cubase for MIDI. Having tried Elements, check out the key, drum and score editors, the chord pads, read up on the Logical Editor in Artist and Pro which also have the List Editor and MIDI plugins, which are great. There’s an awful lot you do already with Elements, and if you later decide to upgrade, it will only cost the difference in price + the USB eLicenser, which is a once-off cost.

Depending on the type of laptop you have, you might be able to build the USB-eLicenser into it, if there’s a free Mini-PCIe port inside with room for an adapter.