Which version can use 32bit plugins? Can I use that old version with my Artist 10 dongle?

Hello Cubase-Community,

I bought Cubase Artist 10 yesterday. Sadly it doesn’t support 32 bit plugins no more.

  1. Which is the last Cubase-Version that still supports 32 bit plugins?
  2. Can I download and use this older Cubase-Version with my Artist 10 dongle?

Thank you for your help,

Artist 8.5 yes. But you can also use jbridge for 32 bit plugins. It is the better solution, cause it is more stable and more compatible then the steinberg bridge, plus it is still supported by a great developer. I use it for all my 32 bit plugins that will never be updated to 64 bits. https://jstuff.wordpress.com/jbridge/
You will have to ask for a download link for artist 8.5 here in the forum, make sure you put the request in the title.

You should be able to find a download link for the whole 8.5 package here: