Which version do I have installed? "About" screen looks the same after upgrade

I had a voucher for Cubase LE and downloaded and installed Cubase LE12. I subsequently purchased the upgrade Cubase Elements 12 Upgrade from Cubase LE / AI 12 from the online shop, and installed that too. However, the About screen in Cubase still says Cubase LE12. How do I know if I have the upgrade installed?

Any help appreciated.

Normally, the new software installs as a separate installation.
You should have new icons (and program files) to start the new versions.

This is for security reasons… to allow people to work on the old projects if something goes wrong with the new installation, the old installation stays untouched.
Only maintenance updates change the current installation.


Cubase AI, LE, Elements is only one executable. So you don’t get a new application/icon if you upgrade from Cubase LE to Cubase Elements.

After Cubase Elements activation, you should see Cubase Elements while starting and also in the About screen. How does it look like in the Steinberg Activation Manager, please? Can you see (only) Cubase Elements license, please?

My desktop icon says “Cubase LE AI Elements 12”. When I start Cubase it displays “Cubase LE12”.

Activation Manager displays “Cubase Elements 12” as “Activated”. So presumably it is? What confuses me is that the “About” screen says “Cubase LE12”, and the version and build numbers are the same before and after installing the upgrade.

Try creating a sampler track, or add Squasher effect to an insert slot - they’re Element features.

I don’t see an option to create a sampler track. I don’t see an insert effect called Squasher. Also Cubase Help takes me to a Cubase LE12 manual.


OK in this case I would try to reinstall Cubase.

I have already tried uninstalling everything, then installing Elements 12 on its own, then uninstalling that and installing LE12 then the Elements upgrade, but will give it another go.

Thanks everyone for your help so far. :slight_smile:


Is there any LE license in the Steinberg Activation Manager by any chance?

Presuming the answer to Martin’s question is no.

Is it possible there’s a bug in the licensing system whereby the LE license hasn’t been released in the background somewhere? I’ve not read anything about this - but could be possible when the upgrade automated perhaps.

I’d try deactivating Elements in the Activation manager, and then enabling it again. Make sure Cubase is quit when you do this, of course.


Problem solved! :slight_smile: There was no LE Licence in Steinberg Activation Manager, so as suggested I deactivated Elements, rebooted and reactivated. I now get an Elements splash screen, Cubase Elements 12 on the About screen, and I can create sampler tracks and insert the Squasher effect on audio tracks. So it has worked. Result!

Many thanks again for all the help and suggestions. :smiley: :+1: