which version of cubase 6 installing?

Hello, i would know wich one should i install, x32 or x64 bit cubase 6, because i tryed it both, and i had lots of crash with them. i am using windows 7 x64 on an intel® core™ CPU q 720 @ 1.60 ghz , 8 go de RAM, HP ENVY 17 NOTEBOOK PC, is it compatible, is it powerfull enouth?
Thanks for your answer.

The computer seems powerful enough. What sound card and ASIO driver are you using? 64 bit or 32 bit Cubase version depends on how many 32 bit plug-ins you rely on. Some of them may not be easy to get working on 64 bit Cubase.

thank you for your answer i discovered last night that my quicktime was not up to date, maybe evrything is going to works better now. thank you very much, i will use the 32 bit version to relieve my cpu charge of the vst bridge.
many thanks.